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Dec 21Smart
Dec 20Slap some sense
Dec 19Dizzying morality
Dec 17Friend party
Dec 16Titular line
Dec 15Mail call!
Dec 14Mothers Day
Dec 13Very, HIC, fun
Dec 12Irrational fear
Dec 11Tattoo
Dec 10Mind, Joyce
Dec 9It’s a bloody tradition.
Dec 8Off we go.
Dec 7Bootleg
Dec 6Juice
Dec 5May 5
Dec 4Mike, I want you to hit me
Dec 3There’s no Nachitos left!
Dec 2New shipments
Dec 1Original strip: April 30, 2000
Dec 1The being who ruined my plans!
Nov 30All hooked up
Nov 29This is his new assistant
Nov 28Play with the guns
Nov 27Few questions to ask
Nov 26Bend the spoon
Nov 25Welcome to your SEMME training
Nov 24A good puppy, Daniel
Nov 23Have you given him a name?
Nov 22Let’s go outside!
Nov 21Leave my puppy alone!
Nov 20Bark!! Bark!!
Nov 19You stay in here
Nov 18You got a DOG?!
Nov 17Hey, Doggy.
Nov 16A more playful pet
Nov 15Hey, Mister
Nov 14Mr. Petshop Guy
Nov 13‘Partment
Nov 12Out to the city
Nov 11Into town
Nov 10Time for bed, team.
Nov 9Mmm, cheeezy
Nov 8Walkerton’s taking a long time
Nov 7Buttpipe
Nov 5SLAM!
Nov 4May I be excused
Nov 3Saviors
Nov 2This is a proper meal
Nov 1Leave him alone, Mike
Oct 31Where ya going
Oct 30That many snack chips
Oct 29Just a few more boxes
Oct 28Portfolio
Oct 27Original strips: March 20 – March 26, 2000
Oct 27Wiigii!
Oct 26Taco Bell
Oct 25Oversight
Oct 24Original strips: March 12 – March 19
Oct 24Alien technology
Oct 23Remember
Oct 22Jinxed
Oct 21Livejournal
Oct 20Wh–
Oct 17You know what to do.
Oct 16Subject
Oct 15Blow to the head
Oct 14Original strips: February 27-March 11, 2000
Oct 14Urrrk!!
Oct 13Segue
Oct 10Pay grade
Oct 9Get off
Oct 8Little help please
Oct 7Grandfatherly
Oct 6White House
Oct 3Caddy
Oct 2Kill shot
Oct 1Super-powered zombies
Sep 30News crews
Sep 26Zero help
Sep 25I don’t like this
Sep 24Pesky Inner Feelings
Sep 23Kill your friends
Sep 22Original strips: February 20 – February 26, 2000
Sep 22Sal!
Sep 19THAT is how
Sep 18Under my control
Sep 17Hands up
Sep 16Doesn’t matter.
Sep 15Rescues please!
Sep 12Unbelievable.
Sep 11Original strips: February 13 – 19, 2000
Sep 11I found the aliens.
Sep 10Alan’s dead.
Sep 9Bleagh
Sep 8Did we win?
Sep 5BOOF!
Sep 4Stupid ignoble death
Sep 3Agents!
Sep 2Double-excellent!
Sep 1Original strips: February 6 – 12, 2000
Sep 1Gotcha both!
Aug 28Original strips: January 30 – February 5, 2000
Aug 28Original strips: January 23 – 29, 2000
Aug 28Original strips: January 16 – 22, 2000
Aug 28Detected us
Aug 27Florida
Aug 26TIES!
Aug 25We’re gonna save the world.
Aug 22What’s gotten into you?
Aug 21My son.
Aug 20Just Professor Doc’s lab help
Aug 19Declassified
Aug 18Giant pulsating guns!
Aug 14SPOOM!
Aug 13Fibbin’
Aug 12Hostages
Aug 11About ti–
Aug 8Before we take off
Aug 7Stronger than you look
Aug 6Dodge Ram 50
Aug 5Fate of the world
Aug 4I would
Aug 2Original strips: January 1 – 15, 2000
Aug 1She’s gone again
Jul 31Some girl brought you in
Jul 30My name
Jul 29Only Mr. Bellybutton
Jul 28Mr. Belly Button
Jul 27Bodies strewn about
Jul 26So Now You’re A Secret Agent
Jul 25Shuttlecraft
Jul 24One small snag
Jul 23Enlist the natives
Jul 22A plan two decades in the making
Jul 21Year Zero.
Jul 20Original strips: December 30-31, 1999
Jul 20Here comes the countdown
Jul 19It ain’t professional
Jul 18Mind wipe victim
Jul 17No punching teammates while on duty
Jul 16New Years Eve
Jul 153D TV
Jul 14The world is mine! Ha ha!
Jul 13Great Scott…
Jul 12Sorry, professor…
Jul 11Walkerton!
Jul 10Useless
Jul 9Plagued with a sense of normalcy
Jul 8Be careful, okay?
Jul 7Well, kids, what’d we learn today?
Jul 6I’ve been a pansy.
Jul 5What’s gotten into you?
Jul 4Without further ado
Jul 3Down, girl
Jul 2What are you trying to DO to me?!!
Jul 1Grrrr….
Jun 30You’re saying Mary is–
Jun 29Geez, slow down!
Jun 28Oh Hopefully Non-Angsty One
Jun 27Ruth was right
Jun 26Bad, Howard! Very bad!
Jun 25What’s wrong?
Jun 24Well, there she goes.
Jun 23I’ve overcome my problems!
Jun 22What I really think
Jun 21Sorry, Billie
Jun 20Putting me on the spot
Jun 19Interesting points
Jun 18Isn’t that hard a question.
Jun 17Would she like to WHAT?
Jun 16Here’s your textbook
Jun 15Ding dong
Jun 14I like it here
Jun 13I’ve moved in.
Jun 12Picard Poofs
Jun 11Howard’s in there.
Jun 10That way, I think
Jun 9Dude, wrestling’s on tonight
Jun 8What you’re trying to prove
Jun 7I don’t drink anymore
Jun 6One sign of introspection
Jun 5Happy where I am
Jun 4Her name is Joyce
Jun 3Got your stuff
Jun 2Have a seat?
Jun 1This is the place
May 31super fake textbook titles
May 30Moral support
May 29Tikka tikka takka
May 28Don’t want to know
May 27Cute coeds
May 26Britney Spears
May 25Female models
May 24Holy #@!?Xing heck!
May 23Life drawing
May 22I’m bored
May 21These socks
May 20Halloween party
May 19Alternate dimension evil duplicates!
May 18stupid SINGLE chest hair
May 17Overcome with irrational lust
May 16A friggin’ mountain of manly appeal
May 15Over-the-top
May 14Twinkies
May 13Making me angry
May 12Not like that
May 11Showering
May 10Scrabble
May 9Why do you build me up?
May 8No way out
May 7More than one
May 6Need…. dental work….
May 5Slut
May 4Third and Highland
May 3Tests suck
May 2Perfunctory
May 1Nobody’s watching us, right?
Apr 30Glug
Apr 29Perfectly fine
Apr 28Blow me up beer
Apr 27If there’s a God
Apr 26This night sucks
Apr 25Stuck in a party
Apr 24Hard up for liquor
Apr 23Alice
Apr 22Password
Apr 21Fuzzy channels
Apr 20Give in, loser!
Apr 19>choke<
Apr 18First Fight
Apr 17Resolve this
Apr 16Please answer me
Apr 15In his room
Apr 14Breasts
Apr 13Paperwork
Apr 12ZIP!
Apr 11Life support
Apr 10Tigerhawk
Apr 9Liberal arts school
Apr 8How was your summer?
Apr 7Quit while I’m ahead.
Apr 6New roommate this year
Apr 5All moved in.
Apr 4Preoccupied
Apr 3Back to college! Woo!
Apr 2She’d want to know stuff
Apr 1Better traction
Mar 31Gotta run!
Mar 30Sinuses
Mar 29Petty and incompetent
Mar 28Forgive us
Mar 27Out the window
Mar 26Power Booster Rod?
Mar 25Salvador
Mar 24Elevator
Mar 23up there up there up there
Mar 22Anybody home?
Mar 21Bah.
Mar 20Magically happy
Mar 19Back to normal
Mar 18#@!! dramatics
Mar 17My ex
Mar 16Sober virgin-types
Mar 15The cutest little vest
Mar 14A little difficult
Mar 13Original or extra-crispy?
Mar 139-hour drive
Mar 12Stare a hole
Mar 11We need to talk
Mar 10Please tell me
Mar 9Dakota forests
Mar 8Suddenly I feel a little awkward
Mar 7What if I had some help?
Mar 6My turning point, too
Mar 5Freedom
Mar 4jus’ freakin’ DANDY
Mar 3Promised myself
Mar 2Stop
Mar 1You are so $@!! anal!
Feb 28Aw, screw
Feb 27Up the path
Feb 26Yep. Neat.
Feb 25Weird.
Feb 24Standards to live up to
Feb 23Do the bad thing
Feb 22Ruled by your hormones
Feb 21Whoops
Feb 20Behave yourself
Feb 19Lame inside jokes
Feb 18See some ID
Feb 17Lookit all this stuff I bought
Feb 16Who the hell
Feb 15Gonna be sick
Feb 14BotCon
Feb 13Minnesota
Feb 12Terrain
Feb 11Going in circles
Feb 10I dream of Me-nnie
Feb 9Empty
Feb 8I look horrible!
Feb 7Freakin’ sketchbook
Feb 6Heavy sweatshirt
Feb 5Billie-ese
Feb 4Where you headed
Feb 3Revoked
Feb 2Aw-haw!
Feb 1Bunch of rednecks
Jan 31Kicked me out
Jan 30When are you leaving?
Jan 29Sit here like dead wood
Jan 28One part of you
Jan 27Campus phonebook
Jan 26No reason
Jan 25Three Years Ago
Jan 24Didn’t you learn anything
Jan 23How on EARTH
Jan 22Lecturing
Jan 21Disappointed in you
Jan 20Some encouragement
Jan 19Mary?! Nono nono, send her back!
Jan 18Captain Enviro-mental
Jan 17G’morning!
Jan 16Amount of concern
Jan 15Fix
Jan 14Fermiliar
Jan 13Walkerton
Jan 12Awake again
Jan 11Chicken
Jan 10Something’s wrong here
Jan 9At least she’s breathing now
Jan 8Only once
Jan 7She’s dying…
Jan 6Why, you f-word!
Jan 5If it weren’t for the courage of the fearless crew
Jan 4Technology’s amazing nowadays
Jan 3No going back
Jan 2Trying to remember
Jan 1Piece of equipment