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Apr 17Resolve this
Apr 16Please answer me
Apr 15In his room
Apr 14Breasts
Apr 13Paperwork
Apr 12ZIP!
Apr 11Life support
Apr 10Tigerhawk
Apr 9Liberal arts school
Apr 8How was your summer?
Apr 7Quit while I’m ahead.
Apr 6New roommate this year
Apr 5All moved in.
Apr 4Preoccupied
Apr 3Back to college! Woo!
Apr 2She’d want to know stuff
Apr 1Better traction
Mar 31Gotta run!
Mar 30Sinuses
Mar 29Petty and incompetent
Mar 28Forgive us
Mar 27Out the window
Mar 26Power Booster Rod?
Mar 25Salvador
Mar 24Elevator
Mar 23up there up there up there
Mar 22Anybody home?
Mar 21Bah.
Mar 20Magically happy
Mar 19Back to normal
Mar 18#@!! dramatics
Mar 17My ex
Mar 16Sober virgin-types
Mar 15The cutest little vest
Mar 14A little difficult
Mar 13Original or extra-crispy?
Mar 139-hour drive
Mar 12Stare a hole
Mar 11We need to talk
Mar 10Please tell me
Mar 9Dakota forests
Mar 8Suddenly I feel a little awkward
Mar 7What if I had some help?
Mar 6My turning point, too
Mar 5Freedom
Mar 4jus’ freakin’ DANDY
Mar 3Promised myself
Mar 2Stop
Mar 1You are so $@!! anal!
Feb 28Aw, screw
Feb 27Up the path
Feb 26Yep. Neat.
Feb 25Weird.
Feb 24Standards to live up to
Feb 23Do the bad thing
Feb 22Ruled by your hormones
Feb 21Whoops
Feb 20Behave yourself
Feb 19Lame inside jokes
Feb 18See some ID
Feb 17Lookit all this stuff I bought
Feb 16Who the hell
Feb 15Gonna be sick
Feb 14BotCon
Feb 13Minnesota
Feb 12Terrain
Feb 11Going in circles
Feb 10I dream of Me-nnie
Feb 9Empty
Feb 8I look horrible!
Feb 7Freakin’ sketchbook
Feb 6Heavy sweatshirt
Feb 5Billie-ese
Feb 4Where you headed
Feb 3Revoked
Feb 2Aw-haw!
Feb 1Bunch of rednecks
Jan 31Kicked me out
Jan 30When are you leaving?
Jan 29Sit here like dead wood
Jan 28One part of you
Jan 27Campus phonebook
Jan 26No reason
Jan 25Three Years Ago
Jan 24Didn’t you learn anything
Jan 23How on EARTH
Jan 22Lecturing
Jan 21Disappointed in you
Jan 20Some encouragement
Jan 19Mary?! Nono nono, send her back!
Jan 18Captain Enviro-mental
Jan 17G’morning!
Jan 16Amount of concern
Jan 15Fix
Jan 14Fermiliar
Jan 13Walkerton
Jan 12Awake again
Jan 11Chicken
Jan 10Something’s wrong here
Jan 9At least she’s breathing now
Jan 8Only once
Jan 7She’s dying…
Jan 6Why, you f-word!
Jan 5If it weren’t for the courage of the fearless crew
Jan 4Technology’s amazing nowadays
Jan 3No going back
Jan 2Trying to remember
Jan 1Piece of equipment