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Mar 28File
Mar 27Memories
Mar 26I sorta understand.
Mar 25Pretty close
Mar 24Different
Mar 23Happy Meal
Mar 22Where ya off to?
Mar 21Headin’ out for a bit
Mar 20No steroids and no hormones
Mar 19How’s the weather?
Mar 18Whatcha talkin’ about, Walky?
Mar 17Yer problem is
Mar 16Come right out an’ ask it
Mar 15Yer advice
Mar 14Freaky…
Mar 13Human male
Mar 12An amazing new use
Mar 11Psyche! Evaluation! page 5
Mar 10Psyche! Evaluation! page 4
Mar 9Psyche! Evaluation! page 3
Mar 8Psyche! Evaluation! page 2
Mar 7Psyche! Evaluation! page 1
Mar 6Email
Mar 5Impenetrable
Mar 4Sue at the Chicago Field Museum
Mar 3Used to be a college student
Mar 2Hacked
Mar 1Sysop
Feb 28CST
Feb 27Net access
Feb 26Point click!
Feb 25The respect it deserves
Feb 24Secret government mainframe
Feb 23What’s happening?
Feb 22Quiet time
Feb 218pm!
Feb 20Nacho Man
Feb 19Cute
Feb 18Religion
Feb 17Straighten your bed
Feb 16Pokemon
Feb 15There must be some way
Feb 14Good commander
Feb 13Alanis
Feb 12So I was all like
Feb 11Geeze
Feb 10Um, hey, Joyce?
Feb 9Don’t sit around waiting
Feb 8To a good friend
Feb 7Chumps
Feb 6Talked to Sal again today
Feb 5Progress!
Feb 4A nice guy named Danny
Feb 3Stuffed him into his locker
Feb 2Settled in Indiana
Feb 1Just when I thought I was out…
Jan 31The same damn shirt
Jan 30I told you, I don’t like Joyce.
Jan 29Like who?
Jan 28Ah dunno
Jan 27Squad 42
Jan 26Interesting command decision
Jan 25“Commander”
Jan 24I know you don’t like this
Jan 23Walkerton can’t lead
Jan 22Investigative reports
Jan 21Heads up, troops
Jan 20Pathetic little setup
Jan 19It’s summer!
Jan 18New lifeguard
Jan 17My most favorite base!
Jan 16C’mere, Daniel!
Jan 15Beef?
Jan 14Efficient
Jan 13Your sorry rear!
Jan 12Noise
Jan 11Necessary
Jan 10You wouldn’t DARE
Jan 9Ruined my entire life
Jan 8After what you did to me
Jan 7The three of us will RULE THE COSMOS!
Jan 6But… how…?
Jan 5Awful strips I rejected in favor of the “four words” bit
Jan 5*gasp*
Jan 4Four words
Jan 3She’s decided to join us after all
Jan 2Wha–?
Jan 1Sir! Incoming SEMME ships!